Stakeholder Engagement

FPC is aware of its high responsibility to all stakeholders and strives to maintain ongoing, constructive dialogue with them.

FPC is committed to meet all stakeholders’ expectations for comprehensive, sustainable development of the Company across economic, social and environmental dimensions, reflecting the current needs and future opportunities. All stakeholders are categorised into internal and external.

Stakeholder engagement mechanisms
Stakeholders Engagement approaches and mechanisms
Internal stakeholders
Our people
  • Labour relations under the Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Management functions
  • Social partnership
  • Personnel development
  • Employee surveys and social monitoring
  • Reporting to stakeholders
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • Employee recognition
Governance and control bodies
  • Description of governance and control bodies as well as interaction principles and governance procedures are set forth in JSC FPC’s Articles of Association and other internal documents of the Company.
  • For more details, see Corporate Governance Model and Practice section.
External stakeholders
  • Direct dialogue through General Shareholders Meetings
  • Reporting to stakeholders
  • Mandatory disclosures, including quarterly reports, RAS and IFRS financial statements, material fact notifications, and lists of affiliates
  • Voluntary disclosures, including performance indicators, etc.
  • Shareholder property rights and guarantees of freedom to dispose of their shares are ensured by the registrar Registry Society STATUS.
  • The Company’s financial reporting is audited by a Big 4 company, selected every year through open bidding
Government authorities and non-governmental organisations
  • Agreements on cooperation in the transportation of passengers, baggage and unaccompanied baggage by long-distance trains
  • Joint participation in image-building ceremonies and business events at the federal and regional levels
  • Responding to requests from government authorities
Business partnerships
  • Contractual relations
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Regular working meetings
  • Joint working groups with Russian and foreign project partners
  • Preparing and concluding cooperative agreements
  • Participation in conferences and forums
Consumers and customers
  • Passenger services
  • Catering on board
  • Feedback channels:
    • Customer questionnaires
    • Single help desk
    • Mobile app
    • FPC’s website
  • Passenger satisfaction surveys
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Information on the Company’s activities
Media and NGOs
  • Press releases and other materials with information on FPC’s activities
  • Responding to requests for information from the media
  • Accompanying reporters shooting photos/videos of infrastructure
Educational institutions
  • Targeted employment of students
  • Benefits for FPC employees’ children
  • Joint research and cultural initiatives
  • FPC employees contributing to educational institution activities
Social partnership actors
  • Engaging with trade unions in the social protection of employees and non-working retirees