Shareholders Meetings

FPC’s highest governance body is the General Shareholders Meeting.

In 2020, three General Shareholders Meetings were held – one Annual General Shareholders Meeting and two Extraordinary General Shareholders Meetings.

Joint Stock Company Registry Society STATUS performed the functions of a counting commission at FPC’s General Shareholders Meetings. Voting results were announced at the meetings.

General Shareholders Meetings held in 2020
Annual General Shareholders Meeting 30 June 2020
Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting 3 September 2020 30 November 2020
Number of items reviewed 5 2 3
Resolutions passed by the Annual General Shareholders Meeting
Date Resolutions
30 June 2020 Approved FPC’s annual accounting (financial) statements for 2019
Distributed JSC FPC’s profit from financial and business operations for full year 2019 in the amount of RUB 6,629,395,000
Resolved not to pay any dividend for 2019
Considered the payment of remuneration to members of FPC’s Board of Directors in accordance with the Regulations on Remuneration and Compensation Payable to Members of FPC’s Board of Directors, no resolution was passed
Elected the new Board of Directors
Resolutions passed by the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meetings
Date Resolutions
3 September 2020 Resolved on the procedure of the issuance of additional JSC FPC shares
30 November 2020 Resolved to elect the new Board of Directors
Resolved to pay remuneration to members of FPC’s Board of Directors