Passenger Safety

Safety and reliability are the passengers’ basic requirements. Since its inception, JSC Federal Passenger Company has been annually meeting the key targets for traffic safety and improved reliability of technical equipment.

Train operation safety

This consistent performance is driven by the traffic safety policy adopted at FPC and the systematic efforts across the following areas:

  • Implementation of FPC’s Programme of Measures to Reduce the Frequency of Traffic Incidents and Accidents and the Severity of Their Consequences, and to Achieve the Set Targets for Traffic Safety
  • Implementation of the roadmap to ensure functional traffic safety at FPC
  • Continued expansion of the annual scope of activities of structural units responsible for technical audits of operating processes
  • Adoption of digital capabilities and technologies in traffic safety
  • Maintaining staff competencies through training, professional development and mentoring
Number of train operation safety breaches

Fire safety

In 2020, one fire incident was reported at FPC (one in 2019). The fire occurred at a temporary scrap metal storage site located at the passenger carriage depot Moskva-3 of the Moscow branch due to an unidentified person bringing in an unauthorised source of fire.

In 2020, the Company implemented an operational fire safety programme for a total exceeding RUB 145.8 million:

  • servicing of fire safety systems (total costs: over RUB 45.2 million)
  • procurement and application of fire safety materials and equipment, including fire extinguishers, Strazhnik-3 fire extinguishing aerosol generators, eye and respiratory personal protective equipment (PPE), entrenching tools, etc. (total costs: RUB 39.1 million)
  • measures to ensure compliance with statutory and mandatory fire safety requirements (total costs: over RUB 11.8 million), including:
    • servicing of fire extinguishers
    • fireproofing
    • tests of escape ladders and roof railings
    • assigning explosive and fire hazard classes to premises following the Electric Installation Guidelines
    • installation of fire-rated doors
  • over RUB 49.7 million were spent on daily fire prevention measures for FPC’s rolling stock and stationary facilities under the contract with FGP Security of Railway Transport.

Industrial safety

In 2020, no accidents or incidents were reported at hazardous industrial facilities of FPC.

During the year, FPC implemented its Industrial Safety programme, investing RUB 19.6 million across 375 activities at 180 hazardous facilities, including expert assessments of industrial safety, and inspections and certifications of machinery.

In 2020, as part of its Renewal of Industrial Safety Facilities investment programme, FPC replaced equipment at hazardous facilities that reached the end of its standard service life for RUB 59.849 million. A total of 31 projects were implemented under the programme.

In line with Federal Law No. 225-FZ On Compulsory Insurance of Civil Liability of the Owner of a Hazardous Facility for Inflicting Damage as a Result of an Accident at the Hazardous Facility, dated 27 July 2010, all FPC’s hazardous facilities are insured.

activities held at 180 hazardous facilities of the Company under the Industrial Safety programme, with investments at
million RUB