Company Strategy

As a key business unit of RZD Holding, FPC’s operations in general are focused on achieving financial, economic, and volume targets set out in the Long-Term Development Programme of Russian Railways until 2025 (LDP) approved by the Russian Government.

In 2019, FPC developed and approved the Long-Term Development Strategy until 2030 (the “Strategy”) and set up a framework for its implementation.

In 2020, the Company approved the Regulations on the System of Key Performance Indicators of JSC FPCApproved by resolution of FPC’s Board of Directors (Minutes No. 24 dated 2 July 2020). to motivate company management to achieve FPC’s strategic goals through a system of target key performance indicators (KPIs).


We are improving the quality of life by offering extremely safe, affordable and comfortable passenger experience.


FPC is Russia’s leader in passenger mobility. It is a highly efficient, financially sound, and customer-focused company that strives to enhance value while ensuring sustainable development in passenger mobility across customer segments and regions of Russia, covering key long-distance destinations in demand.

Russia’s leader in passenger mobility

  • A national carrier providing traditional and high-speed long-distance rail passenger services both in Russia and abroad
  • The leader by passenger traffic in long-distance transport in Russia
  • The leader in long-distance ticket aggregation services offering single tickets connecting rail passenger services across Russia’s regions
million people Passengers carried
Company strategy

Customer-focused company

  • Leader in service quality in long-distance land transport, providing high-quality value proposition and comfortable long-distance travel experience, including transit connections with other modes of transport and multimodal transport services
billion RUB Estimated earnings

Socially responsible company

  • Sustainable development of mobility across customer segments and regions of Russia
billion RUB Total amount of rolling stock purchases (cumulative for 2021–2025)

Highly efficient, financially stable company

  • Maximising financial results and ensuring self-sufficiency in operations
billion pkm Passenger-kilometres in the regulated segment

Strategic goals of the Company

According to the Strategy, the Company’s main focus is on significantly increasing the average train speeds, developing comprehensive combined transport operations (such as multimodal transport services), increasing passenger traffic on the key routes in Russia, and improving the competitiveness of our existing services. The Company will also continue to act as a public carrier, which means servicing single-mode or socially important routes.

The Strategy’s key targets relevant to FPC address changes in the transport market, the competitive situation, evolving customer requirements, and development trends in the passenger transport regulatory environment. FPC’s Strategy assumes the Company retains its current role within the strategic development programme of RZD Holding.

FPC’s strategic goals

2020 Strategy delivery summary

Although in 2020 FPC operated in an unfavourable economic environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company was able to maintain interregional connections and meet all the requirements of the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor) aimed at improving the affordability of rail services and protecting the health of passengers.

FPC’s vast workforce of was retained, and salaries were paid on time.

At the same time, the Company implemented an ambitious cost optimisation programme.

To maintain its financial stability, in 2020, FPC took advantage of government support measures set out in regulatory documents for companies affected by the spread of COVID-19.

While restrictions were in force, the Company focused on further improvement of services, new route development, and rolling stock repair. These operational approaches and solutions, as well as the implementation of strategic initiativesSee the Strategic Areas of Development section. enable us to tentatively forecast that FPC will reach the 2019 level of traffic volumes as early as by 2022.