From carriage operator to integrated mobility provider

  • FPC commenced independent operations.
  • The Company was included in the Register of Natural Monopolies.
  • FPC expanded its presence in the travel market, acquiring a controlling stake in LLC RZD Travel.
  • The Development Strategy of JSC FPC to 2030 was approved.
  • FPC-Logistics, a logistics subsidiary focused on unaccompanied baggage and mail transport, was established.
  • The RZD Bonus Loyalty Programme was launched.
  • The High-Speed Traffic Improvement Programme was implemented.
  • Credit ratings were assigned to FPC by leading rating agencies.
  • A pilot project on multimodal transport was implemented.
  • Lastochka electric trains were launched.
  • The high-speed Strizh train made up of Talgo carriages was launched.
  • A double-decker train made up of carriages with seats was launched.
  • The Company reversed its declining passenger numbers, achieving a growth of 4%.
  • A new international Strizh train was launched. Trains to resort destinations were accelerated.
  • Over 3 million customers registered with the RZD Bonus Loyalty Programme.
  • FPC conducted its first Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, achieving an overall score of 4.1 on a five-point scale.
  • Passenger-kilometres and passenger numbers increased by 6% and 8%, respectively, in 2018 — the largest year-onyear increases in FPC’s history.
  • A record-high number of passenger carriage replacements was achieved (724 new carriages purchased, a 70% increase year-on-year).
  • Over 4 million customers registered with the RZD Bonus Loyalty Programme.
  • JSC FPC’s Development Strategy until 2030 was approved.

    A long-term agreement was signed with JSC Railwaycar Building Works Tver (TVZ) for passenger carriage development, design, manufacture, testing, certification and delivery until 2025.

    New-design single-decker twin-unit carriages were put into operation.

  • Amid COVID-19 challenges, the Company made efforts to fully maintain transport affordability, protect the health and safety of passengers and employees, continue upgrading the carriage fleet, and retain skilled staff.

The Company’s measures to make rail services more affordable and protect the health of passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Targeted messaging was used to promote special offers with promo codes tailored to different passenger segments. For example, in October 2020, a promotion was launched to support healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, offering healthcare employees promo codes for a 50% discount when purchasing round trip tickets in second-class sleeping carriages in FPC trains before 1 April 2021.
Remote ticket cancellation option was offered to passengers. The Company refunded all unused tickets with no fees charged. A special temporary ticketing procedure was established, with no refund fees charged for unused ticket refunds and an option to get refunds for non-refundable tickets.
Temporary socially distanced seating plans were introduced on trains. Daily train disinfection protocols were implemented. Body-temperature checks were also introduced for passengers and train crews, and continuous coordination of efforts was maintained with the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor).
In April 2020, deregulated fares were fixed to prevent an increase in fares.
Self-isolation support initiatives: discounts of up to 40% when purchasing both seats in first-class sleeping carriages and 25% when purchasing all four seats in secondclass sleeping carriages.
A new remote booking service was launched for passengers purchasing e-tickets with bank cards.

A unified call centre was set up for passengers based on a cloud PBX with a dedicated 24/7 phone number 8 (800) 250–15–20.

Preventive measures during travel included informing passengers about the need to use personal protective equipment (through stickers and leaflets in carriages), personal protective measures and the possibility to purchase masks and gloves from the train crew.